Thursday, November 29, 2012

British Denim Jeans Manufacturer BleuBolt Jeans has Launches New Retail Jeans Website- Focusing on the Street Wear Styles of Denim Jeans Brand Bleubolt

The British Denim Jeans manufacturer BleuBolt jeans has launched its new website.

The new website has gone live with a new product photo shoot scheduled for week beginning 8th October.

This will herald the beginning of the classic street fashion denim jeans next generation.

Fashion changes but the street jeans label brought to life in the 80's is going stronger than ever.

Famous for the baggy jeans ranges and favored by the street fashion conscious the new sty women's coats les in frame will show off the best styles.

The online jeans retail site BleuBolt will have a mobile friendly version which will be seen to provide existing customers an on the move option for buying. Three years ago the brand of jeans separated out the retail and wholesale side of the jeans with a focus on baggy jeans available through Bolt Jeans.

Due to the nature of Google and specifically the changes made in the penguin update the baggy jeans specific website has had to be redesigned and will be live by the end of October 2012.

Bolt jeans over the last few years has seen a resurgence in Dungarees, no longer clothing seen as work wear but a trendy statement for men and women.

It's the newly found rise in popularity with dungarees that has seen a growth in sales, so the Bolt Jeans distribution side of the business now separated from the retail will focus on the two main products styles dungarees and baggy jean styles.

Trading for over 35 years Bolt Jeans is a quality denim jeans manufacturing proud to still be producing British design and made jeans distributed across the World.

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