Friday, December 21, 2012

VIVIVINTAGE.COM Launches Vintage Virtual Personal Stylist Feature on Vintage Fashion Website

VIVIVINTAGE.COM is proud to announce that its website now offers a free virtual Virtual Personal Stylist feature where lovers of vintage fashion can get styled in the most chic vintage outfits.

Dara Stevens, President of VIVIVINTAGE.COM has announced the launch of the highly-anticipated Virtual Personal Stylist feature; an innovative new approach to meeting the increased demand of clients requesting vintage wardrobe consultation as interest in vintage fashion continues to skyrocket amid a sluggish economy. The Virtual Personal Stylist feature is a free feature where website visitors can get help putting together a fantastic and chic vintage outfit. With the Virtual Personal Stylist, women enter the occasion they need an outfit for (ie, evening glamorous or daytime casual, etc.), enter their sizes, and viola; the stylist pulls outfits together for women to choose from.

"We are thrilled about the launch of VIVI VINTAGE's Virtual Personal Stylist feature as a way to showcase our fabulous vintage pieces," says Stevens. She adds, "Finally, vintage lovers and those new to vintage have a chance to get styled in vintage. By entering some information about the need for the outfit and one's size, visitors can work the stylist feature to spice up their wardrobe in a way previously not done with other vintage websites."

There are four categories in the Virtual Personal Stylist which visitors can choose from: Daytime-Casual, Daytime-Glamorous, Evening-Casual, and Evening-Glamorous. By selecting a category, the Virtual Personal Stylist will take the visitor's size and allow the opportunity to match a dress, shoes, bag, and accessory. Clicking on Evening-Glamorous could offer you a lust-worthy vintage Chanel dress paired with sky-high sexy vintage platforms.

VIVI VINTAGE began as a mobile vintage clothing boutique found at the trendy uber-flea market in Hells Kitchen, New York City. Several years after selling directly to New Yorkers, designers, fashion re-creators, tourists, and supplying the vintage clothing dealers of New York's Lower East Side, Stevens launched into the world wide web to expand her offerings to a universal clientele. While Stevens says her site offers all types of vintage clothing and accessories, her dresses and shoes remain her showcase items.

VIVIVINTAGE.COM is your one-stop shop for beautiful vintage pieces. Whether you browse or utilize the free virtual personal stylist, you are sure to find something you will adore. women's coats President, Dara Stevens is available by phone or email to lend her expertise and consultation.

For more information on VIVI VINTAGE, please visit:


Contact person at VIVIVINTAGE.COM:

Dara Stevens    
Telephone: +973.303.5103
E-mail: dara(at)vivivintage(dot)com


KUHL Outdoor Clothing Edging Out Competition

K?HL Outdoor Clothing Company is establishing its dominance within the outdoor clothing market. Its versatile designs and innovative fabrics are uniquely satisfying the desires of a demanding outdoor lifestyle.

Coming off a successful summer, K?HL president Kevin Boyle says, "If you look around the industry, the other manufacturers are playing catch-up. We see many companies beginning to implement the design features we first introduced to outdoor retailers over nine years ago," Boyle said. "They can try to copy us but women's jackets K?HL will continue to innovate and lead the outdoor clothing industry as we have for the last decade." Boyle said with confidence, "Our fit, out style, and our fabrics are unmatched."

The newest addition to the K?HL brand is the SK?HL Jacket designed for skiers and alpinists. The SK?HL's features include 2-way pit zips; a 3-way adjustable, helmet compatible hood; a micro fleece chin guard; 2 front pockets engineered to work with backpacks; and iPod accessible storage from both the inside and the outside of the jacket. The SK?HL jacket's features, construction and eVent waterproof/ breathable fabric make it an essential addition to any outdoor clothing wardrobe.

As a leading manufacturer of technical garments and versatile outdoor clothes, K?HL offers new editions to the Mountain Life men's pants collection with the SLAKR and the REBEL. These men's pants defy labeling by being designed for the outdoor lifestyle but being wearable to the office. Both pants offer K?HL's signature features of articulated knees and gusseted crotch to allow for unlimited freedom of movement. K?HL also manufactures women's pants that accommodate the demands of an outdoor lifestyle as well as cater to feminine style.

K?HL clothing company also announced that it has opened a European headquarters and distribution center of outdoor clothes. The U.K. facility will better facilitate international sales and distribution of K?HL outdoor clothing.

"Sales are incredibly strong, our numbers look good," said Nate Fay, General Manager of K?HL, "And we are excited to be able to better expedite our growing orders from Europe."

K?HL Clothing Company (Alfwear, Inc.) is an outdoor lifestyle clothing brand headquartered in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. BORN IN THE MOUNTAINS, MOUNTAIN CULTURE, and K?HL are registered trademarks of Alfwear (

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Online Women’s Clothing and Ankle Boot Retailer,, Announces Christmas Sweepstakes Giveaway

Online women's clothing, accessories, and ankle boot retailer, invites customers to take part in a special Christmas Sweepstakes. Participating new and previous customers will be eligible to enter a Christmas Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $50 MakeMeChic gift card. All entrants have to do is subscribe to's blog and post a blog comment with a link of what MakeMeChic item they would like to receive as a gift. To be eligible, customer blog sign-ups and comments must be submitted by December 31, 2010. Once a comment is posted, participating customers will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $50 gift card. Winner will be announced January 5, 2010. is an online women's retailer that offers a wide selection of women's clothing, shoes, and accessories. MakeMeChic offers a wide selection of stylish boots and shoes for various occasions at affordable prices. Boots styles include ankle boots, available in various designs and colors. also offers dresses, skirts, swimsuits, and lingerie for those special dates and outings. To complement a woman's style, MakeMeChic offers a variety of handbags, severely, and other fine accessories.

An international sizing chart is made available to ease the online customer shopping experience. In addition, is a proud wholesale supplier for retailers that wish to carry the latest in women's fashion. To view MakeMeChic's new arriv women's coats als and the entire online catalogue of the latest in women's clothing, accessories, and shoes, please visit For the latest news, updates, promotions, and special events, please sign up for the mailing list, become a fan on Facebook, or follow MakeMeChic on Twitter.

Based in City of Industry, CA, is an online manufacturer of ankle boots, women's apparel, women's shoes, lingerie, accessories, swimsuit as well as costumes.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012 Unveils Blog to Promote Remarkable Benefits of Bamboo Textiles

Web entrepreneurs Michal and Allison McGowan are pleased to voice the formal debut of their brand-new business blog, Formulated as an interactive parallel to their online store, the blog showcases the integral product details of their complete collection of bamboo bed and bath linens as well as bamboo apparel. Such key characteristics of bamboo textiles include hypoallergenic, odor resistant, thermal regulating and moisture wicking properties while maintaining softness comparable to cashmere. Bamboo's rapidly renewable nature and many other features make this Viscose from Bamboo material a greener fabric choice than conventionally grown and harvested cotton.

"Our appreciation for bamboo textile women's jackets s began during our search for organic linens for our daughter, Abigail, who requires all-natural foods and fabrics due to health complications. Since switching to bamboo fabrics, we have all enjoyed its silky, supple nature and the many health benefits it provides," Michael said.

At shoppers are invited to discover a premium selection of bamboo textiles. Choose from a luxurious assortment of bamboo bedding that includes sheet sets and blankets to accommodate all mattress sizes (twin through California king) as well as baby crib bedding sets. The same ultra-soft experience is also available in bath linens; choose from bath towels, hand towels and washcloths.

"Our bamboo linens are as soft as cashmere and provide incomparable benefits for people with problematic skin conditions like eczema. The fabric fibers are ultra absorbent, which make bamboo towels superior to cotton towels; it also allows bamboo sheets to regulate your body temperature while you sleep," Allison said.

The website also distributes a vast assortment of bamboo apparel for men and women as well as babies. Choose from pants, tops, socks and robes for lounging around the house as well as skirts, dresses and fashion tops that can be dressed up or down. Such wardrobe essentials provide optimal comfort and quality along with the ability to mix and match for any occasion. Shoppers may also choose from bamboo baby clothes such as onesies, T-shirts, pants, socks, hats and accessories like bibs, hooded towels, washcloths and more.

"We are happy to customize a selection of our apparel to tailor the build of any customer who may fall in between sizes. Also available is adding a custom graphic or logo. Simply e-mail us your sizing specifications or .jpg the image and we'll give you a price point with available allow colors and styles," Allison said. - Experience the sensual satisfaction of bamboo today!

About the Company: - a division of A&M Marketing LLC - is owned and operated by web entrepreneurs, Michael and Allison McGowan.

Michael and Allison McGowan
(908) 415-1330

iePlexus, Inc.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Like the First Time: A Moving Story about a Good Sister, a Good Lover and a Good Wife!

"Ms. Ray?抯 talent is such that she, like Alice Walker and Toni Morrison, should see her works reach far beyond her loyal black audience. Her stories transcend race in their flawless grasp of the havoc wrought by the peculiarities of human nature...[She] excels at weaving several threads of narrative into a cohesive whole, making her subsidiary characters as compelling as the major players.??--The Dallas Morning News

National best-selling author and book club favorite Francis Ray delivers another captivating, passionate, and heart-warming novel. Like the First Time (St. Martin?抯 Press/Griffin Trade Original; ISBN 0-312-32429-4; $13.95 paperback) tells the inspiring story of a good sister, a good lover and a good wife whose strong friendship helps them overcome life?抯 difficult obstacles and find their dreams.

When shy, sensitive Claire Bennett looses her job for the second time in as many years due to downsizing, she doesn?抰 know how she?抣l survive. Brooke Dunlap, Claire?抯 beautiful and fashionable co-worker, is also laid off, but isn?抰 quite as worried?梥he expects her glamorous, extravagant boyfriend to propose any day. That is, until he dumps her and leaves her with as many credit card bills to pay as designer clothes in her wardrobe. Claire?抯 friend Lorraine Averhart, though happily married and very wealthy, lately feels lonely and restless, with her children grown and her husband often away on business.

The lives of these three women take a surprising turn when Lorraine tries Claire?抯 homemade body lotion and distributes samples to her book club. The resounding reviews they give confirm Lorraine?抯 idea that this product is something special?梐nd marketable. After a little persuasion, she convinces Claire and Brooke to go into business together selling their remarkable beauty products. They?抳e got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

But Lorraine?抯 marriage comes under terrible strain as the business akes off and a new temptation appears on the horizon; Claire becomes involved with one of the most powerful men in town; and Brooke is forced to reevaluate what matters most: a fat bank account, or love and belonging somewhere she can call home?

A story filled with love, forgiveness, healing and triumph, Like the First Time undoubtedly demonstrates why Francis Ray?抯 books are read, loved and read again by so many fans across the country.

About the author:

Francis Ray is a native Texan who lives in Dallas with her husband and daughter. She is the Essence, Blackboard, and Dallas Morning News

bestselling author of sixteen novels and five novellas. Her website is

We would appreciate receiving two tearsheets of any reviews or mentions.

Publication Date: April 26, 2004

Contact: Amanda Maxwell

Trade Publicity

Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the

St. Martin's Press

212-674-5151 x525

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Non-Profit Organizations Unite to Accomplish the Unthinkable

Small children learn early on to keep their distance from the intensely hot open hardwood fires that many rural Ugandans use for their daily cooking. At the tender age of 11, sweet, shy Susan Nabukenya had a close encounter with her mother's cooking fire that changed her life in one horrific instant. Earlier that day Susan had splashed kerosene onto her dress while helping fill the lanterns that Ddegeya Village homes utilize for light. Her mother was far too busy to stop and wash her dress. There were g-nuts and plantains to harvest, water to retrieve from the village well, a baby to nurse, as well as goats and chickens to feed. So Susan went about her duties helping her father at his place of business and the kerosene stain was quickly forgotten.

Later that day, as her mother cooked beans and rice for the evening meal, Susan came too close to the fire and her dress ignited instantly, covering her body with burns from her chest to her toes. After some time, a skin graft was performed to save her leg, and the rest of her burns were left to heal on their own with no medical oversight. The gr Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the aft never healed correctly and Susan, now 14, has had to endure an open wound on her leg for four years. She can't run and play like her friends, has missed much of her schooling and is in constant pain. She had to quit school because her ability to walk was so severely impaired. Susan's mother died shortly after the accident, and now she lives with her grandfather, who is paralyzed and is of little help physically or financially.

When Team Engeye met Susan, who had visited the Engeye Health Clinic in Uganda as a patient seeking help, they knew they had a major choice. They could explain to her that they did not have the capacity to care for her at their clinic with their limited resources, and try to forget her sad story. Or they could do something. The team knew Susan's care wouldn't be easy, and that only the plastic surgeons and pro-bono work offered in the U.S. could heal her scarred body. So much effort, time and energy ... and for only one person. Yet they realized this one soul was just as precious as their own child. Just as deserving of a vibrant and healthy life. So, in the midst of the rigors of medical school, when most students don't dream of more than the annals of medicine, the team took action.

In mid-2007 Susan was preliminarily accepted to the Boston Shriners Burn Unit. Months of reviewing her applications and medical records passed, and finally Susan was accepted for plastic surgery to repair her leg with all medical expenses covered! Susan and John will fly in on May 18, 2008, staying in Boston for two months. Susan will then return to her home in Uganda to begin her new life unimpeded by her injuries.

Choose A Need, partnered with Engeye on this exciting event and is donating the entire amount needed for airfare for Susan and John Kalule, the co-founder and manager of the Engeye Health Clinic in Uganda. John will serve as Susan's translator during her stay in the United States.

Just Cause, Theresa Weinman, and Jackie Lamont are ensuring Susan's stay will be a success. From housing to food, from clothing to emotional support, they are pulling on all their connections to ensure John and Susan are loved and nourished at all levels during their first ever visit to the U.S.

After Susan returns to Uganda, this dedicated team of women is determined to send Susan to a proper boarding school so she can regain the education and life she tragically lost as a young child.

About the Grassroots Non-Profit Organizations:

Choose A Need:
Brian and Mary Dawson, the founders of Choose A Need (CAN), believe that those of us who have been given so much should be held accountable for what we do with our resources and should feel a sense of obligation, if not desire, to help others who are not as fortunate. CAN chooses needs and publicizes them, then solicits donations and funds the selected project. Brian is currently pursuing a career as an Emergency Medicine physician. ChooseAneed believes that we CAN make a difference, and that more of us would create change if only we knew of the need. For more information, visit:

Just Cause:
Just Cause, founded and run by the vibrant Lorrie King, is dedicated to addressing disparities within the realms of HIV/AIDS, refugee/immigrant empowerment, genocide survivorship and human rights. To that end, they partner with grassroots organizations in Rwanda, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda, to facilitate local programming in HIV/AIDS, land and education rights for orphans, women and vulnerable children, and community building after conflict. At home in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia, they focus their efforts on providing stop-gap services to address the on-going needs of newly arrived refugees, who have reached the end of their initial resettlement benefits. For more information visit:

Engeye Health Clinic:
The Engeye Health Clinic was established in 2006 by three medical students, Stephanie Van Dyke, Misty Richards and Brooke Richards, in collaboration with two key Ugandans, John Kalule and Laurence Makana Sitati. Despite the rigors of medical school, the team is in daily contact across the globe, bringing sustainable healthcare to Ddegeya Village in southern Uganda for the first time ever. For more information, visit:


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Northern Virginia’s Best Recycled Fashion Comes to Logan Circle

The newest addition of contemporary wear, Current Boutique -- a women's designer clothing, shoes and accessories consignment shop will be nestled in the District's artsy Logan Circle neighborhood. Opening in May, Current Boutique handpicks quality consignment pieces in tune with today's style, cut and color.

Current Boutique is an upscale, modern boutique that features name brand clothing and accessories sold on consignment as well as new clothing and accessories hand picked from New York and Los Angeles. At Current Boutique, shoppers will find designer wear, jeans, great basics and irresistible one-of-a-kind pieces.

Current Boutique, a rapidly expanding brand in the DC area, opened its first location in the young and vibrant Clarendon neighborhood only four years ago. Current Boutique expanded to its second location in the bustling shopping district of Old Town Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the Alexandria in the Fall of 2009. Now, Current Boutique looks to build on its success in the District's Logan Circle neighborhood.

Current Boutique's consigning process is simple and easy: no appointment is necessary. Clothes are reviewed and selected on the spot and consigners receive half of the selling price. The careful selection process of consigned clothes carries out the stores' uniqueness. Additionally, Current Boutique benefits the local community by donating all items that do not sell to the Salvation Army.

Current Boutique isn't like any other consignment shop, thrift store or yard sale. An inviting and trendy atmosphere welcomes customers to shop and consign. Current Boutique is carefully organized by styles, sizes and categories.

Current Boutique will be located in the trendy neighborhood of Logan Circle at 1809 14th Street, NW. For more information about the newest fashion addition to the district please visit Current Boutique's website at or contact Victoria Michael at Victoria(at)vmpublicrelaions(dot)com.


Hello UK, Goodbye N.Y.: Shifts Focus To London Fashion Week

Earlier this summer, Rodeo Drive Resale, premier reseller of 100% authentic Chanel bags, St. John Knits, and Marc Jacobs purses, offered fashion fans a glimpse of the high-profile fashion houses associated with the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Now the popular online store is once again eyeing the fashion happenings going on across the pond, as London Fashion Week showcased some of the best and brightest in upcoming luxury style.

While Prada served as the official sponsor of the Italian National sailing team, Hermes designed France's Olympic equestrian uniforms, and Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo has designed the uniform for the Republic of San Marino, high style has returned to the UK as London Fashion Week set the stage for designers young and old to put their latest creations on display.

"London is a melting pot of design talent and 2012 feels like a very exciting time to be showing in the city," said Ruth Chapman, co-founder of Matches, an upscale British fashion retailer in a Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the n article posted by ABC News.

Earlier this month, New York Fashion Week had its fair share of highlights, namely the stylistic tastings of actress Katie Holmes, who saw her women's clothing line, Holmes & Yang, soar in the weeks following her well-publicized split from Tom Cruise, according to a story by MTV UK. Even Holmes, who started the clothing line in 2008 alongside stylist and longtime friend Jeanne Yang, appears to have taken a renewed interest in the brand:

Typically seen in her t-shirt and jean pairing, Holmes donned her brand's navy collared placket dress during a recent appearance on Project Runway.
The hype surrounding Holmes, the divorce and her clothing line culminated in the world's fashion capitol. All eyes were on the Holmes & Yang brand during NYFW and Katie did not disappoint: Her fashion showcase was met by mostly positive reviews from show attendees and critics alike.

At LFW, the Fyodor Golan collection showcase, held in the lounge of the Waldorf Hilton, mixed class with intrigue, as its designs were inspired by the designs of Mayan and Aztec cultures.

"We wanted to show lightness and spirituality and at the same time to have that sexuality there. So it's that contrast but it's not in your face, it's still strong and gives you power, but it's very emotional, something that will engage you," Designer Fyodor Podgorny told Reuters after the show, according to a September 14 article.
All across the board designers, citizens and city officials enjoyed the fashion frenzy London has experienced over the past several months.

"This summer has shown London in its best light, highlighting the city's creativity and unique DNA," said Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council. "September is set to be an extremely exciting season in what has been an amazing year for the U.K."
Rodeo Drive Resale ( has built a reputation of providing amazing deals on handbags, clothing and accessories from the top designers of upscale fashion. The company offers a 100% guarantee of authenticity on each item sold, and works daily with a network of clients looking to buy, sell, or for consignment of their luxury goods. loves high-end fashion, and believes finding a high quality, classic piece should be an easy, enjoyable -- and most importantly -- hassle-free shopping experience. For the finest in Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, St. John Knits, Christian Louboutin, Tiffany & Co. and more, visit RDR online at or call 1-888-697-3725. Also find's blog at

Also find shopRDR at:
YouTube: shopRDR

Rodeo Drive Resale (

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"Soulful Stitching: Patchwork Quilts of Africans (Siddis) in India," on View in Harlem at New York Public Library's Schomburg Center, thru June 30

In a wide-ranging, in-depth exploration of the rarely known but centuries-old African presence in the Indian Ocean world, The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture of The New York Public Library, is presenting the major exhibition Soulful Stitching: Patchwork Quilts of Africans (Siddis) in India; public forums led by internationally known scholars; films illustrating the African Diaspora's reach into India; and a concert performance of live Bhangra music. In addition, The Schomburg's new website, The African Diaspora in the Indian Ocean World, is scheduled to launch next month.

"The voluntary and forced migrations of East Africans through the Indian Ocean are little known by the general public," says Dr. Sylviane Diouf, historian and Schomburg's Curator of Digital Collections. "They are quite different from those that took place across the Atlantic. The upcoming website will show how, in India, for example, some Africans became founders of dynasties, prime ministers, military commanders, builders of cities and monuments. With unique images, essays and videos, it will shed much needed light on the African Diaspora from Arabia to Iraq and Iran, and from Turkey to Pakistan and Sri Lanka."

Curated by Dr. Henry J. Drewal, Evjue-Bascom Professor of African and African Diaspora Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Soulful Stitching: Patchwork Quilts by Africans (Siddis) in India features 15 striking patchwork quilts of Siddi women, heirs to the culture and values of Africans brought to Goa on India's west coast beginning in the 16th century. "While the Siddis, who number about 18,000 in the state of Karnataka, have adopted, adapted, and integrated many aspects of Indian cultures, they have also retained and transformed certain African traditions and, in the visual arts, the tradition that stands out are the beautiful patchwork quilt known as kawandi."

"Mixing together a vibrant array of well-worn clothing fabrics," says Dr. Drewal, who has spent several years researching, observing and documenting the Siddi women's work, "the quilts are highly individualistic, yet quilters share many clear and precise opinions about quality, beauty."

In addition to the quilts, the exhibition also presents the photography of Dr. Drewal which captures Siddi families and the quilters in their majesty carrying on the tradition of their ancestors, shaping scraps of memory into great functional heirlooms.

Saturday, April 23, 4pm:
Film Screening- From Africa to India: Sidi Music in the Indian Ocean Diaspora (U.S., 2003, 74 minutes/Producers/Ethnomusicologists: Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy and Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy.) According to Fritz Umbach, John Jay College, City University of New York: "The film conveys the region's complex heritage by braiding together contemporary music and dance performances in African-descended Sidi communities from Gujarat to Karnataka with a narrative of both Sidi history and their current status in present-day India."

Saturday, May 14, 1pm:
Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert Series Presentation - Red Baraat, the first and only dhol 'n' brass band in North America. RSVP required at 212.491.2040. Led by dhol player Sunny Jain, Red Baraat melds North Indian rhythm Bhangra with a host of sounds, including funk, go-go, Latin and Jazz. (The dhol is a double-sided, barrel-shaped North Indian drum slung over one shoulder.)

Saturday, May 28, 4pm:
Film Screenings:
We're Indian and African: Voices of the Sidis (22 minutes, 2005, filmmaker Beheroze Shroff). This documentary explores the lives of the Afro-Indian of Bava Gor village in Gujarat. Men and women talk about the challenges of their work as caretakers of the shrine of their ancestral saint Bava Gor. They also discuss their sacred Goma-Dhammal dance as it is performed for devotees and for spectators.

Voices of the Sidis: The Tradition of the Fakirs (28 minutes, 2005, filmmaker Beheroze Shroff). African descendants in Gujarat discuss their tradition of the fakir or itinerant holy man who goes through neighborhoods chanting, singing and blessing those who give alms. Older fakirs express anxieties about passing on this tradition, especially the playing of the malunga, a sacred musical instrument.

Seats must be reserved for ALL screenings by email at schomburgrsvp(at)nypl(dot)org or call 212.491-2229. RSVP (212-491-2040) is required for the May 14 Red Baraat concert.

The Schomburg Center location: 515 Malcolm X. Blvd. in Harlem. Subways: #2, #3 to 135th Street. Exhibition Hours: Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Sunday. For exhibition information, call (212) 491-2200. No admission fee; contributions and memberships are welcome.

Note to Editors: Soulful Stitching: Patchwork Quilts by Africans (Siddis) in India is on exhibition at the Schomburg Center concurrently with Harlem Views/Diasporan Visions: The New Harlem Renaissance Photographers, through June 30, 2010.

About the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a research unit of The New York Public Library and recognized as one of the leading institutions of its kind in the world, is currently celebrating its 85th year. A cultural center as well as a repository of some 10 million items related to the African American and African Diaspora experiences, this Harlem-based modern research library also sponsors a wide array of interpretive programs, including exhibitions, scholarly and public forums, and cultural performances. The Schomburg Center collects, preserves and provides access to materials documenting black life, and promoting the study and interpretation of black history and culture.

Press Information: Bernice Elizabeth Green, schomburgpr(at)nypl(dot)org, 212- women's jackets 491-2209

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The Harvey Nichols Sale Daylight Robbery

Customers can save 50 to 70% off fashion* in store. Harvey Nichols account card holders receive an extra 10% off on all reduced items* for the first four days of the sale**.

At luxury department store HARVEYNICHOLS.COM customers can save up to 50% on fashion and selecte fashion jackets online d beauty products. Everyone can shop online in confidence with the Harvey Nichols free returns service using Royal Mail.

With luxury brands online ranging from Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, DKNY, Halston Heritage, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Paul Smith, Missoni, Ralph Lauren, Viktor & Rolf, plus many more this sale really is daylight robbery!

The Harvey Nichols sale includes not only womens luxury fashion products but also mens fashion accessories and clothes.

Harvey Nichols Store Opening Times

Wed 15 - Sat 18 June 10am - 9pm;
Sun 19 June 11:30am - 6pm (11:30am – 12noon browse time)

Wed 15 - Fri 17 June 10am - 8pm;
Sat 18 June 10am- 7pm;
Sun 19 June 11am - 5pm

Wed 15 June 9am - 9pm;
Thurs 16 – Sat 18 June 9am – 8pm;
Sun 19 June 10:30am - 5pm (10:30am - 11am browse time)

Wed 15 June 9am - 8pm;
Thurs 16 June 10am – 9pm;
Fri 17 – Sat 18 June 10am – 7 pm;
Sun 19 June 11am - 6pm

Wed 15 June 10am – 8pm;
Thurs 16 – Sat 18 June 10am - 7pm;
Sun 19 June 11am - 5pm

Wed 15 - Thurs 16 June 9am - 8pm;
Fri 17 – Sat 18 June 9am – 7pm;
Sun 19 June 10:30am - 5pm (10:30am - 11am browse time)

Wed 15 - Fri 17 June 10am - 9pm;
Sat 18 – Sun 19 June 11am – 7pm

The Creative Concept – Daylight Robbery

In this campaign there are gorgeous and stylish Harvey Nichols shoppers dressed in their newly "stolen" designer wardrobe. Their faces disguised as they have just committed daylight robbery at the Harvey Nichols sale.

There are three different images, featuring a male and female model.

The man wears a clown mask and the woman wears a stocking and a balaclava in two different executions. The clothes featured are from this season's designer SS11 collections: a Stella McCartney dress with Alexander McQueen clutch (Balaclava), Lanvin skirt and top with Givenchy bag (Stocking) and a Paul Smith suit with Jil Sander shirt (Clown). The background varies in each layout.

  •     Exclusions apply. See in store for details

**    Representative 18.9% APR variable. Credit, subject to age and status, is provided by Santander Cards UK Limited. Registered office: 2 Triton Square, Regent's Place, London, NW1 3AN. Registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 1456283. Harvey Nichols, acts as a credit intermediary and only offers credit products for Santander Cards UK Limited. Retailer is Harvey Nichols and Group Limited. Registered Office: 109-125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RJ. Registered in England no: 72539.

For more information or high res images, please contact Ceilidh Tucker in the Harvey Nichols Press Office on 0207 201 8650 or ceilidh(dot)tucker(at)harveynichols(dot)com


Thursday, December 6, 2012

KeysCaribbean Offers Florida Keys Super Fall Vacation Deals With Up to 50% Off & Free Night Stay Vacation Packages

This September, KeysCaribbean Luxury Resort Villas & Marinas is offering three appealing reasons to enjoy the perfect vacation and save while in the Florida Keys: "The Longer You Stay in Paradise, The More You Save" special discount offers a lower nightly rate for each additional day booked; guests can receive a generous up to 50 percent off rates or free night stays at all KeysCaribbean luxury resorts all season; and a 100 percent cancellation guarantee.

The Florida Keys showcase many unique and exciting events in September, including Key West's annual Womenfest, a challenging bonefish tournament in Islamorada, and the Keys' longest running fishing tournament in Marathon.

From Sept. 6-11, Key West will host Womenfest, which offers a wide range of activities guaranteed to appeal to a broad range of interests including golfing with palm trees and iguanas, clothing-optional pool parties, a sizzling dance club scene, women-only water excursions that range from jet skis to dolphin watching, film, live music, and special comedy shows. Attendees can enjoy first-rate Key West accommodations at Coral Hammock Resort and King's Pointe Oceanside Condominiums, where a free night with a four night minimum stay or up to a 50 percent discount is offered.

In Islamorada, the 35th Annual Islamorada Invitational Fall Fly Bonefish Tournament Sept. 13-16 is a test of skill and stealth that challenges even the most seasoned of anglers as they take to the flats for the elusive bonefish. The "Fall Fly," as it's called in elite circles, is a test of skill and stealth and has attracted seasoned anglers like Flip Pallot, Billy Pate, brothers Sandy Moret and Randy Moret as well as acclaimed "Striptease" author and celebrity c women's jackets olumnist Carl Hiaasen, a seven-time tournament grand champion. Nearby, Mariner's Resort Villas & Marina offers luxury Key Largo accommodations, free Wi-Fi Internet, free unlimited local and long distance calls, the up to 50 percent off special discount and every fourth night free with a minimum three night stay.

The International Bonefish Tournament will take place Sept. 22-25 in Marathon. Believed to be the longest-running fishing tournament in the Keys, this three day event draws anglers to its fun, community camaraderie and affordability. It is one of the few tournaments where anglers are allowed to fish without a professional guide. This challenge awards more than 20 trophies and prizes to participants. Nearby, Coral Lagoon Resort Villas & Marina and Indigo Reef Resort Villas & Marina in Marathon, and Village at Hawks Cay Villas & Marina in Duck Key offer luxury Florida Keys accommodations with free Wi-Fi Internet and free unlimited local and long distance calls. Both resorts also offer the up to 50 percent special discount or a free night with a minimum stay of three nights at Village at Hawks Cay or five nights at Indigo Reef.

"The Florida Keys are the site for so many great events during September, which is why we are pleased to offer a special discount of up to 50 percent off our normal rates, as well as our free night stay packages," said Sam Schorr, KeysCaribbean managing director.

Discounts are subject to availability. Some restrictions apply to the 100 Percent Cancellation Guarantee. Free night stays require minimum night stays, have limited availability and certain restrictions apply. Please see the KeysCaribbean website for more details. For reservations book direct at or call 305.853.5000.

About KeysCaribbean
KeysCaribbean is a dynamic, boutique resort company specializing in operating Florida Keys resort villas and marinas from Key Largo to Key West. CEO Craig Hunt, the former vice chairman of Intercontinental Hotel Group and past president of Holiday Inn Worldwide, along with managing director Sam Schorr, possess more than 60 years of experience in operating and marketing unique and exclusive destination resorts and marinas.

KeysCaribbean is committed to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Green Lodging Florida program. Mariner's Resort Villas & Marina is designated as a Green Lodging property by the Florida Green Lodging Program.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Presenting Style with Glass Boutique’s New AW11 LookBook

Online retailers Glass Boutique won't women's coats just be selling high trend fashions this Autumn/Winter 2011/12 season; these style specialists will be giving you a peak on what to wear and how to wear it in men's designer fashion, with their brand new AW11 LookBook.

Glass Boutique are an independent purveyor of both men's and women's designer fashions and work with a number of high quality brands that lead the way in crafting fashion movements. Glass Boutique's extensive knowledge and keen eye for style ensures that they source the latest trends impacting the real world of functional fashion.

This coming season, men's clothing is already shaping up to show an exciting mix of trends and Glass Boutique are putting together some of the coolest ensembles for their new LookBook, which is influenced by their strong and diverse range of men's fashion from their hand-picked collection of progressive labels.

Shot at London's Limehouse Marina on the North bank of the River Thames; the contemporary nautical cool of the venue reflects the style photographed in the LookBook from this real world collection. Mariner chic meets rugged fisherman with a chunky knitwear collection of jumpers, hats and scarves fully embracing the season from the masters of street wear, Norse Projects. As American workwear-inspired Penfield meet practical needs with an effortless style stride on their Lakeville Jacket, which is made from a Hudson wax composition to keep off the rain. This classic trail anorak also comes with a large peaked hood and lights up the Thames in its Cobalt blue colouring.

While London-based label YMC combined their creative flair with the original style Maestros of the duffle coat, Gloverall, to breathe new life into the classic design. Combining function and fashion, this fitted wool coat comes with the renowned horn toggle and leather fastening invented by Gloverall, alongside large front pocket and buttoned cuff detailing. In addition, crossing the genre divide are Pointer's honed senses at producing street smart footwear fit for any occasion. Managing to comfortably reign in the realms of both casual and formal, Pointer get practical with their fur-lined Calum workboot with rich colour waxed leather and contrasting thick Vibram sole.

All the contemporary and classic styles presented in the LookBook are a perfect example of the quality brands available at the Glass Boutique online store and simply compliments their varied collection of designer labels in men's fashion that include Libertine-Libertine, Clae and SixPack France, alongside Won Hundred, Triwa and Universal Works.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Made by Niki' launches ‘Atomic’ SS12 Lingerie Collection 3 Months Early to Meet Strong Demand for Luxury Lingerie and Bodywear

While other luxury lingerie brands will deliver in February 2012, the first phase of Made by Niki's SS12 bodywear collection is already available at the brand's website and in Selfridges (London).

It is a continuation of the world-famous 'String' series which has already graced the pages of POP, Garage, Elle, Instyle and Wonderland magazine, with a voracious celebrity following including Naomi Campbell, KT Tunstall, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Paloma Faith and Daisy Lowe.

The stunning 'Atomic' collection, which is inspired by the secrets of the universe, includes beautiful burlesque clothing, lingerie and form-fitting statement bodywear pieces in graduated two-tone colouring.

An all-over fringed play suit in an ombre black and bronze colourway called 'Nibiru' has fully adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit, while the matching harness cup less bra, fringed open knickers and thong suspends miraculously over a woman's curves. These uniquely designed pieces are also available in a champagne ivory and biscuit colourway entitled 'Supernova', which swathes the body in a shimmering silvery illusion to enhance the body's contours.

There is also a group of all-black 'Infinity' garments which includes a flapper dress which swings suggestively as the wearer moves, as well as a half-skirt (which can also be worn as a head-piece) and a lace-up ladies waist coat, alongside a striking cutaway lace bodysuit, boyshort, thong, bandeau bra and plunge bra featuring cutout shapes reminiscent of a lunar eclipse.

Undoubtedly the show-stopper of the collection is a set made entirely from glittering gunmetal ballchain and grosgrain straps entitled 'Stellar'.

The collections are hand-made entirely by three talented seamstresses, at Niki's Leicestershire studio in the heart of the English countryside. The campaign was shot by Andrew G Hobbs with Katia Elizarova, the up-and-coming model who has recently been signed as the face of Max Studio. Other stylists and photographers who have been quick to shoot the collection include Tamara Rothstein, Ruan Van Der Sande, Jean Marc Bulles and Stefan Rappo.

Made by Niki recently won victory at the UK Lingerie Awards."We were thrilled and surprised to beat other more established companies " said Niki. "Although we are a small, young and independent company of five people, the judges decided that Made by Niki's products exhibited a greater style and design aesthetic than the competition [Spanx and Maidenform], and we are truly ecstatic to be recognised for our achievements".

Made by Niki has been stocked in Selfridges for three consecutive collections and is available at over 100 stockists across 19 countries.

About Made by Niki
Made by Niki is Britain's Luxury Lingerie & Bodywear Brand, bringing you the world's most covetable pieces, created by a team of underwear obsessives in the heart of the English countryside. Loved by real women, rock stars and supermodels the world over, Made by Niki creates impossibly gorgeous lingerie, helping you to unleash your inner beauty upon an unsuspecting world.

2011 UK Lingerie Awards (Winner)
2009 East Midlands Business Award (Winner)
2009 UK Fashion Export Award (Shortlisted)

"Made by Niki somehow mana women's jackets ge to be both incredibly saucy and incredibly chic, which is a serious accomplishment." Polly Vernon, The Guardian
"A fantastic lingerie brand..." Glass Magazine
"A sexy girl meets a classy lady who meets a cheeky hippie chick with a lil bit of a Retro girl thrown in. Made by Niki will get you laid!" A Little Nouveau / Style Bistro
"Decadence doesn't get any better than this" Esquire Magazine
"Made by Niki has changed the concept of body-shaping underwear." Marie Claire Online

# # #

Seraphine Launches New Web Platform to Celebrate 10 Years in Business

The maternity label Seraphine will be launching a new web platform in mid December 2011. Now in its tenth year, the fashionable brand has grown from strength to strength and has established itself as a leader of high quality and unique designs for pregnant women. Seraphine enjoys a huge celebrity following and has recently dressed pregnant Hollywood stars such as Jessica Alba, January Jones and Jennifer Garner as well as national fashion icons such as Dannii Minogue and Denise Van Outen in the UK.

Today Seraphine turns over ?3 million online and a website overhaul was needed to catch up with the latest technology and bring the ultimate shopping experience to its customers. Using the Magento women's jackets platform the website is expected to boost sales significantly due to enhanced product imagery and cross selling function as well as promotional abilities, overall improving the user experience.

The brand has a high awareness amongst its target group and has been trading online since 2004, having opened its first flagship store in 2001 in the heart of the Kensington district in London.

Cecile Reinaud, founder and head designer, recalls how after the successful opening of the first store gained national press coverage, many women living outside of London begged her to launch a website so that they could order online. Back then it was the early days for internet trading and the success of buying maternity clothes online was still in its infancy.

10 years on and Seraphine won the 2011 Drapers e-tail award for Best Specialist Online Retailer and is continually getting great press coverage for its stylish yet affordable designs for maternity and nursing products. The brand also wholesales it's collection in over 30 countries and has just launched their brand of sophisticated maternity wear in the America, hoping to seduce the yummy mummies over the Atlantic with its unique product range.


Protecting Girls From Negative Media Influences, With Family Expert, Dr. Tim Kimmel

As reported by both MSNBC and The New York Daily News, Susanna Barrett -- whose daughter appeared on Toddlers & Tiaras -- is denouncing TMZ and other news outlets for featuring a video montage that she felt "sexualized" her five-year old. In the video, her daughter Isab women's coats ella is seen performing to LMFAO's song "Sexy And I Know It." While many parents surely understand Susanna's distress, many also find fault with an entire entertainment industry that exploits girls, and with networks like TLC that glamorize the childhood pageant world. Others simply wonder why mothers would expose their children to the pageant world in the first place.

Such outrage is also increasingly directed at clothing labels, which sell shirts for young girls that include slogans like "scratch and sniff" or "so many boys, so little time".

So how can parents protect their daughters from a culture that exploits them at such early ages? ?And how can they teach their daughters to stand up for themselves and resist such influences?

Dr.?Tim?Kimmel?-- author and Executive Director of?Family Matters?( -- has answers.? Considered one of America's top advocates for the family,?Tim has written multiple best-selling books on parenting, including "Raising Kids for True Greatness".? He has strong views on why it's critical that parents work to protect their daughters:??"We need to draw up new battle plans." says Kimmel.? "We fought for their intellect. We fought for their paychecks. Maybe it's time we fight for their souls."
-- Why the pageant and music industries often get away with exploiting young women
-- Why it's important to take a stand as a parent against degrading slogans on girls' clothing
-- How parents can approach these topics with their daughters
-- Why fighting for girls' dignity is just as important as is fighting for education and work?opportunities
Tim?Kimmel?has most recently been featured guest on such television and radio programs as?FOX News, "Midday News" KNX (CBS) Los Angeles, "A.M. Arizona" and "The MacMahon Group" on?AZTV?7, "Good Morning! Arizona" on?KTVK-TV, Moody Broadcasting's "Prime Time" and "Midday Connection", "FamilyLife Today", "The Art of Family Living", and several others.

To request an interview, please contact Will Bower at will(at)allenmediastrategies(dot)com or 202-365-2536.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Backstage Bag Baby Baskets Gifted to New Celebrity Parents Robert Downey Jr, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson and More

Backstage Bag (, known by A list celebrities as the leader in high end celebrity gift bags and baby bags, wows again with an amazing baby basket given to new and soon to be celebrity parents. Backstage Bag produces three baby baskets a year for expectant celebrity parents. These baby baskets include luxurious and unique items carefully chosen with the specific celebrity parent. Products included range from travel stays, beauty products, clothing and accessories for mom and dad to baby strollers, bassinets, cribs, clothing, baby accessories and more for their new little ones. Past celebrities who have been have been gifted Victoria Beckham, Mario Lopez, Natalie Portman, Tori Spelling, Emily Proctor, Christina Applegate, Pink, Selma Blair and more.

Celebrities who received Backstage Bags March Baby Basket include Robert Downey Jr, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Beyonce, Bruce Willis, Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Jason Bateman, Bryce Dallas Howard, Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price, Rebecca Gayheart, Pierce Morgan and Rosalyn Sanchez. Products are also sent to select media. Pregnancy and Newborn will feature Backstage Bags March Baby Basket in their August 2012 issue.

Backstage Bags March Baby Basket is filled with the following products from sponsors lucky enough to get their products into celebrities hands:

phil & teds - The Promenade is phil&teds new premium urban stroller/buggy with reversible and convertible flat bed seat, inline adaptability and ultimate style

MAXI-COSI - The Mico? Infant Car Seat makes it easy to move through your day, with a lightweight design making transferring from your car to either a Quinny? or Maxi-Cosi? stroller a breeze

Target - A collection of design women's jackets online er maternity wear and diaper bags by Liz Lange for Target

Hoppop - Easy to clean and fun to use, a bathtub with a safe and innovative design

Nailtiques - An innovator in nail care dedicated to the development and maintenance of healthy, natural nails

Little Froglet - Real clothes for real kids

Sella - All natural skincare

Nay et al/Baby Nay - Beautiful clothes for babies

The Fresh Diet - Fresh, gourmet, delivered daily

g Diapers - Disposable, biodegradable, adorable eco-friendly diapers

Mamas and Papas - Great Britain's No.1 Baby Brand

the indiexhibit - A global group of independent artisans including:
Non-edible cupcakes gifts from
Crocheted pixie hats from
Symbolic handcrafted jewelry from
Gift certificates for baby accessories from

My Baby Bling - Baby bling rhinestone baby and kids apparel

Dolphin Organics - Baby care products containing only the purest natural and certified organic ingredients

Murad - Transforming skincare

Peekaboo beans - Playwear for kids on the grow

Leading Lady - Specializing in bras and lingerie for pregnant, breast-feeding, and post-mastectomy women

Coco Penny - Bows and accessories for little girls

Sound Beginnings - A better, more comfortable way to play music & voice for your unborn baby-anytime, anywhere

To be considered for a future Backstage Bag Celebrity Baby Basket, please email amy(at)backstagebag(dot)com. Please also visit

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OASAP Sponsored Chinse Nite of Rutgers University

The 17th annual China Nite was hosted by the Chinese Student Organization (CSO) successfully at Rutgers University last week. It is reported that China Nite is the biggest fashion show at Rugters as well as the longest running. According to Amy Bindra, one of the coordinators of this year, introduced, "The CSO was founded in 1976, one of the oldest student organizations here at Rutgers University.CSO has provided a community for the Chinese Americans at Rutgers to get together and share interests in the Chinese culture. And actually, the activity confirmed what I said, there were over 200 people involved at the actual show and more than 600 people attended the party at that night."

As the coordinators, Amy Bindra and Kimberly Quiambao, developed the sponsorship with OASAP Limited and promoted OASAP to make this sponsor. In order to get the models wea women's coats r these fashion apparel on time, OASAP allocated and transported hundreds of the hottest products emergently from two warehouses in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

In the active site, OASAP announced good news for the audience, that is, OASAP released a 15% coupon code for all the present members. Everyone who uses this code will continue to get 15% off from her/his second order, to follow after the 20% discount for the new registered users on

"OASAP is willing to make whatever contribution to the promotion of US-Sino cultural communication. We would like to see Chinese students can be better integrated into the local culture in the United States, at least they can begin know it from the clothing. OASAP is an online fashion women store; its products have interpreted so well for the street fashion in the United States, and are convenient for these Chinese students to understand the fashion elements of street culture in the United States." Maria Shron, the Marketing Director of OASAP, said, "OASAP expects to collaborate with CSO again in the next year".

Avoid the Sunscreen Smokescreen

With the recent delay in FDA sunscreen labeling requirements, the tanning bed debate heating up and a recent Mayo Clinic report indicating that skin cancer rates have increased eight times in young women and four times in young men in just the past forty years, the need for proper sunscreen coverage is more critical than ever. Sun protection clothing company, UV Skinz, is addressing sunscreen confusion in the market by helping consumers know the important standards to seek in a sunscreen.

On the heels of Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Month, the FDA has announced that new sunscreen labeling regulations will not be enforced until December of 2012 rather than June 2012 as originally planned. The FDA claims this is in response to a concern of having enough sunscreen available for consumers this summer. Sunscreen manufacturers now have another six months before having to comply with full disclosure as to the actual sun protection their brands provide, or do not provide.

In the meantime, consumers should beware that sunscreen manufacturers may be making claims that are not true indicators of the level of protection their sunscreens provide. The new FDA requirements mandate that:

  •     a sunscreen labeled 'broad spectrum' must be at least SPF 15 and must protect against UVA rays as well as sunburn-causing UVB rays.
  •     a sunscreen that has an SPF 2-14 or is not broad spectrum must include a "skin cancer/skin aging alert" on the label showing that it has been shown only to help prevent sunburn and not skin cancer or early skin aging.
  •     manufacturers will no longer be able to use 'sunblock,' 'sweat proof' or 'waterproof' in their marketing because no sunscreen provides this level of protection.
  •     'water resistance' claims must be supported by testing to validate that a sunscreen is still effective after either 40 minutes or 80 minutes while the user is swimming or sweating.
  •     any sunscreen with an SPF higher than 50 will have to be labeled SPF 50+.
  •     manufacturers cannot claim 'instant protection' or protection for more than 2 hours without reapplication unless data is submitted and the FDA approves such claims.

But, until December 2012, these clarifications are not required which may leave many sunscreen users with a false sense of protection.

Even when these labeling changes go into effect, consumers still need to be conscious of sunscreen ingredients. Many studies and experts indicate that synthetic chemicals and other ingredients commonly found in most sun women's coats screens can actually introduce harmful carcinogenics into the body. At best, these chemicals are absorbed into the skin and bloodstream and could cause skin irritations or trigger allergies. At worst, chemicals such as dioxybenzone, also an active ingredient in many sunscreens, can react with sunlight to produce free radicals, which are carcinogenic, within the body. Oxybenzone is a paraben found in many personal care products, including sunscreens, which mimics estrogen, potentially interrupting normal hormone production, and, ultimately, possibly contributing to some cancers.

Dermatologists are recommending sun protective clothing to help take much of the guesswork out of making sure consumers are properly covered and to minimize the potential risks in relying on topical sunscreens. UPF 50+ protective sunwear, such as UV Skinz, helps to ensure maximum coverage over large parts of the body, requiring less topical sunscreen. UV Skinz, however, has taken it a step further in trying to keep the company's customers covered from head to toe by recently making available on their website many top rated sunscreens that have been evaluated by various sources as having broad spectrum coverage and fewer potentially harmful ingredients that could penetrate the skin. UV Skinz founder, Rhonda Sparks, says "We wanted to provide an extra measure of value to our customers by doing some of the homework on sunscreens for them. We carry sun protective clothing, sunscreen and a great selection of hats so that our customers can feel confident that they are getting the best sun protection available."

Sparks has built UV Skinz' foundation on creating products that allow consumers to enjoy the outdoor venues in which they live without being concerned about skin damage from UVA and UVB rays. "We are by no means saying that consumers should not use sunscreen. We would just like consumers to be more discerning in their choices to buy organic, natural and mineral based sun protection that doesn't contain ingredients that could potentially harm them."

About UV Skinz

UV Skinz is a leading provider of fun and affordable UV protective sunwear, swim shirts and accessories for the entire family. By providing the highest quality and most fashionable designs at competitive prices, UV Skinz aims to make sun protection effortless. For more information about UV Skinz, interviews, product samples and/or jpg photos, go to, call 1 (877) 887-5469 or email

Friday, November 30, 2012

‘Made in USA’: The All American Clothing Co. Reveals Why America Just Can't Live Without It

The phrase "Made in USA" is perhaps the second most important set of three words in America`s history. Arguably coming in behind the famous three words, 'We the people' that grew and maintained the United States, 'Made in USA' is a staple of American tradition. It is more important than the customs Americans associate with today such as Toby Keith, baseball, and Mom`s apple pie. Yet, the phrase 'Made in USA' remains forgotten.

At a time when 'Made in USA' and American Manufacturing are at high level of discussion, there is not enough emphasis, action or resolve. Many focuses for political leaders have been on the issues of health care, tax cuts, and student loans--which are all necessary matters. But, our leaders have not focused enough on the all important ideal that allows citizens to attain and afford these issues. That is, creating jobs. Jobs cannot be created without American manufacturing built around the phrase 'Made in USA.' These words are what built America during the greatest job growth in its history--the Industrial Revolution. From the auto industry workers on the assembly line, to the farmers who harvest food, to the cotton mill workers who create the fabric used in clothing—the days of the Industrial Revolution created millions of American jobs with three words America just can`t live without—'Made in USA.'

America cannot live without USA manufacturing. Manufacturing creates the jobs that fuel the tax base needed to support the American standard of living. Taxes help to pay for schools, police, fire/emergency services, healthcare and transportation. Without USA manufacturing and jobs how can America support these needs? According to the U.S. Census Bureau the American population was estimated at 313,793,643 as of June 2012. If every American spent $50 on one USA Made item a year, it would create an estimated $15.7 billion in revenue. In addition, each American manufacturing job produces up to 4 new jobs in other sectors (source: This number alone would create thousands of jobs for Americans!

There once was a time when it was a tradition to have "Made in USA' on all manufacturing items in the U.S, when there was a promise of the American Dream through the American manufacturing that provided jobs, and when industries like the apparel industry thrived in being one of the leading job suppliers for citizens in the United States. Those days are over. Today, there are very few companies who can say they are 'Made in USA' by American workers and from American materials.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the American Made apparel industry alone had 938.6 thousand jobs in 1990. Today, that number has plummeted to 150.3 thousand jobs. Along with other industries, the American apparel industry is slowly dying, racking up a loss of 788,300 jobs, a -84% loss. If trends like this continue Amer women's jackets icans will keep on losing jobs, the national debt will continue to plunge, and someday there may never be tags on clothing that say 'Made in USA.'

With the current unemployment rate at 8.2% (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), in what is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The need to supply American citizens a job in an American manufacturing industry is more important than ever for both U.S. citizens and the economy. Under these current conditions, citizens are finding it harder to live. College graduates cannot find a job, parents are supporting their children into their 20`s, and even military men and women cannot find a job after they return home from duty.

American citizens, business leaders, and political leaders must take a stand and make an effort to support this country. U.S. business leaders must stand up to do the right thing and bring manufacturing back to the United States. Citizens must support the effort to buy at least one USA Made item a year at $50 to create up to $15.7 billion in revenue, and American political leaders must support 'Made in USA' as a call to action in a bi-partisan way. There is still hope. If all Americans collectively come together and start supporting USA Made items, America will begin to flourish like it once did during the Industrial Revolution. $15.7 billion in one year, can double to $30 billion in the next. Together, with action, Americans can ultimately improve their efforts and each others` lives year in and year out. America has to. America has no choice. It has to support 'Made in USA.' America just can`t live without it.

About the Author:

Logan Beam is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the All American Clothing Co, a 100% USA Made clothing company that passionately supports Made in USA goods. This release was written as a 'call to action' for all American citizens and all American leaders to increase their efforts in supporting 'Made in USA'.

Online Eyeglass Retailer OpDocs Announces Price Reduction on Prescription Glasses

OpDocs, an affordable online eyewear retailer, has recently reduced prices for a selection of its single-vision prescription glasses to only $9.95.

With the new low prices, customers can now purchase a pair of single-vision prescription lenses in a stylish, quality frame for more than 70% of retail value. All prescription eyeglass orders include a hard case and a cleaning cloth with the purchase.

Single-vision, UV-protective lenses accompany every OpDocs order at no charge to the shopper. This applies to OpDocs' entire selection of men's, women's, children's, and youth prescription glasses. Shoppers can also prepare for upcoming sports seasons with a pair of sports team-laden sunglasses from OpDocs. Sports fans can choose from frames with their favorite team's logo for NFL, MLB, and College teams.

OpDocs is known for its ability to offer stylish, modern frames for affordable prices. Among its many fashion jackets online lesser-known brand prescription frames, OpDocs also offers Coach? and Austin Reed frames at a discounted price. Shoppers can also peruse OpDocs' selection of unique frames that include purple, green, and red frames as well as frames with artistic designs, to fit their personal style.

To learn more about OpDocs' selection of low-priced prescription eyeglasses and sports team sunglasses, visit or call 1-855-4OPDOCS.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just in Time for NY Fashion Week: Keep Fashionable Feet Pain Free with Tips from Topical BioMedics

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week has just kicked off, and spirits are high—as well as heels.

The current shoe trend is that bigger is better, with towering platforms, stiletto pumps, wedges, and chunky stacked heels, as well as formidable "shooties" and tall shaft boots. The extremely high silhouettes look chic, but there is a down side.

"Women love wearing heels, but the resulting pain is not glamorous," says Lou Paradise, president and chief of research, Topical BioMedics, Inc., Rhinebeck, NY. "Wearing high heels can lead to such problems as Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, sprained and swollen ankles, blisters, aching feet, hammertoes, corns and calluses, lower back pain, and knee strain, as well as other painful conditions."    

According to podiatrists, more than half of Americans regularly experience aching feet, and 80% of those who go for treatment are women. Compounding pain issues is the fact that women not only wear high heels, they walk, on average, three miles farther than men each day.

As heels rise, so do women's foot problems. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), women's visits for foot- and toe-related complaints jumped up 75% between 2005 and 2009.

What can women do to reduce the physical dangers of wearing high heels? Here are some helpful tips from Topical BioMedics:

-Always choose comfortable high-heeled shoes that fit well, Studies show that 88% of American women wear shoes that are too small. As we age, feet expand, so it's he fashion jackets online lpful to have them measured periodically.

-Try on shoes at the end of the day, as feet swell as you stand and walk around during the day.

-To ensure a comfortable fit, try on both pairs of shoes, as your feet may not be identical in size and the shoes may not be identical in size either.

-Choose high heeled shoes with an "air bag" or very comfortable sole that protects your feet from rubbing and provides shock absorption. If the shoes you love do not have a padded sole, get a cushy insert.

-Heel that provide more surface area puts less stress on your feet, making wedges, chunky heels, and platforms a better choice than a stiletto.

-Spend less time perched on high heels. Limit your walking and standing when wearing high heels, and whenever possible give your feet a break during the day by switching to sneakers or flats, at least for a while.

-Stretch tight shoes with shoe stretchers to make them more comfortable.

-Elevate your legs for 15 or 20 minutes to reduce swelling. This is especially important if you tend to cross your legs, which hinders circulation and causes blood to "pool" in your feet.

-Massage your legs and feet after wearing high heels. Running your feet over a reflexology roller or golf ball is an effective way to massage the soles.    

"Topricin Foot Therapy Cream is ideal for women who want to strut around in heels during Fashion Week and not suffer afterwards," says Paradise. "It's formulated from natural biomedicines that actually help to prevent/reduce pain and injury and then help the body heal the damage that is causing pain."

How Topricin Foot Therapy Cream Works
Topricin Foot Therapy Cream targets ankles ankle and foot pain and contains fourteen natural biomedicines medicines that naturally support and assist the body by helping the subcutaneous skin layers of the feet to drain toxins and excess fluids from the tissues which increases blood flow and helps heal the damage that is causing the pain.

"Applying Topricin Foot Therapy Cream to feet before strutting out in heels helps to reduce pain and injury," says Paradise. "Then apply it afterwards to help relieve any burning, throbbing nerve pain in the feet. As an added plus, Topricin Foot Therapy Cream treats dry, cracked skin of the feet."

Patented for treating the pain associated with neuropathy, Topricin is safe and natural and doesn't use any volatile oils such as camphor, menthol, petroleum or lanolin, fragrances or irritating chemicals. The cream is fast absorbing, odorless, greaseless, and will not stain clothing. Formulated for maximum absorption, it can be applied as many times as needed to relieve foot pain with no fear of overuse or interference with other medications. Topricin Foot Therapy Cream has no known side effects and is safe for pregnant and nursing women and diabetics.

Fashion Week 2012's fancy footwear doesn't have to be torturous. By taking proper precautions and giving feet proper care and attention, fashion-forward women can indulge in stylish heels.    

For more information visit

About Topical BioMedics
Topical BioMedics is the research and development leader in topical patented natural biomedicines for pain relief. The company's flagship product, Topricin? Pain Relief and Healing Cream, was introduced in 1994 and is now a leading natural therapeutic brand. A combination homeopathic formula, Topricin was awarded a patent for the treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia and neuropathy. Other formulas in the product line include Topricin Foot Therapy Cream and Topricin Junior for children (with 5% sales donated to pediatric cancer foundations).

All Topricin products are made in the U.S.A., formulated with approved medicines as found in the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) and are in compliance with federal rules for homeopathic over-the-counter medicines. The products contain: no parabens, petroleum or harsh chemicals, are odorless, greaseless and non-irritating, and produce no known side effects, making them ideal and safe for the entire family. For more information, visit


British Denim Jeans Manufacturer BleuBolt Jeans has Launches New Retail Jeans Website- Focusing on the Street Wear Styles of Denim Jeans Brand Bleubolt

The British Denim Jeans manufacturer BleuBolt jeans has launched its new website.

The new website has gone live with a new product photo shoot scheduled for week beginning 8th October.

This will herald the beginning of the classic street fashion denim jeans next generation.

Fashion changes but the street jeans label brought to life in the 80's is going stronger than ever.

Famous for the baggy jeans ranges and favored by the street fashion conscious the new sty women's coats les in frame will show off the best styles.

The online jeans retail site BleuBolt will have a mobile friendly version which will be seen to provide existing customers an on the move option for buying. Three years ago the brand of jeans separated out the retail and wholesale side of the jeans with a focus on baggy jeans available through Bolt Jeans.

Due to the nature of Google and specifically the changes made in the penguin update the baggy jeans specific website has had to be redesigned and will be live by the end of October 2012.

Bolt jeans over the last few years has seen a resurgence in Dungarees, no longer clothing seen as work wear but a trendy statement for men and women.

It's the newly found rise in popularity with dungarees that has seen a growth in sales, so the Bolt Jeans distribution side of the business now separated from the retail will focus on the two main products styles dungarees and baggy jean styles.

Trading for over 35 years Bolt Jeans is a quality denim jeans manufacturing proud to still be producing British design and made jeans distributed across the World.

Fashion Flash: Brad Pitt Does Chanel, Christian Dior and More Gucci Film Talk

To help luxury lovers stay informed on the latest in upscale style and Hollywood happenings, Rodeo Drive Resale (, premier reseller of 100% authentic Chanel bags, Christian Dior heels, and Gucci purses, looks at the latest happenings in the world of upscale fashion.

1)    BRAD PITT FOR CHANEL NO. 5: International superstar Brad Pitt, whose new film, "Killing Them Softly," blasted its way into theaters on October 19th, has a new side gig: Model for Chanel No. 5, one of the world's most noted female fragrances. Pitt will be the first male celebrity to endorse the perfume, which was first released on May 5, 1921. 'To keep a legend fresh, you always have to change its point of view. It is the first time we've had a man speaking about a women's fragrance. "To keep a legend fresh, you always have to change its point of view. It is the first time we've had a man speaking about a women's fragrance," Andrea d'Avack, a spokesman for Chanel, was quoted as saying by "We think very much that the perfume is a seduction between a man, a woman and the perfume. No.5 is our leading fragrance, and we are willing to make the investment to keep it on that level."

2)    DIOR FINDS NEW MUSE: Fans of the blockbuster film "Hunger Games" have come to know 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence as an up and coming film siren, but the talented young actress was recently pegged to be the face for Christian Dior's Miss Dior handbag campaign, to be unveiled in magazines early spring next year, according to fashion journal WWD. "Like everyone else, I first discovered Jennifer Lawrence in the roles she played in action movies," Dior creative director Raf Simons was reported as saying. "I was, of course, struck by her incredible on-screen presence in these blockbuster films, but also impressed by her powerful interpretations of subtler more rounded characters. Her youth and her classic beauty, but also her force of character and the complexity she's capable of embodying at such a young age, are, for me, both unique and very moving."

3)    PENELOPE CRUZ EYES 'GUCCI': The life and times of the Gucci family is one step closer to the big screen, as celebrated actress Penelope Cruz is reportedly in talks to star as Patrizia Reggiani, former wife of Maurizio Gucci, who was murdered in 1995 by a hired hit man. Reggiani was later found guilty of arranging the killing and remains behind bars, going so far as to refuse parole because she had grown accustomed to a life of leisure before her 1997 conviction: "No thanks, as it would mean getting a job and I have never worked a day in my life," she allegedly told a 2011 parole board when offered the chance to be freed.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

International Fitness Expert Alexandra Wilson Launches First Of Its Kind ‘Elite Bikini Body Confidence Coaching Programme

Over the last ten years, Alexandra Wilson has helped personal training clients achieve all sorts of goals – from climbing Kilimanjaro to dropping three dresses sizes. This new coaching programmes will enable Alex to extend her services to clients all over the world, and will be tailored around the lifestyle and preferences of each person. Clients will burn fat, lose weight and build toned, lean muscle; learn the principles behind fat-burning and muscle-buildin women's jackets online g; learn insider secrets about how to maintain a great shape; and will achieve optimum fitness and energy levels that they will be able to maintain beyond the programme.


Both six-month, and 90-day fast-track options are available, and both come with a money-back guarantee. The exclusive programme will be available to only a limited number of applicants, due to the bespoke nature of the service. Applications for the programme close at midnight on Sunday 2 December.

Alex says: "Many of my clients need the flexibility of a telephone and online coaching programme: they can't be in a particular place at a particular time for their training, they live all around the UK and abroad, and often travel a lot. Yet many feel that a 'one-size-fits-all' online programme won't get them the results they want."

"They worry they won't stick to it, because it doesn't take into account their particular lifestyle, likes, dislikes and challenges," she continued. "My science-based approach combines exercise, nutrition, supplementation and mindset work for results that far exceed what any of those tools could produce individually. Better yet, you'll leave the programme having the skills, knowledge, habits and mental attitude to pursue a healthy life even without my guidance – and to me – that's the very best result you could ask for."

"The bikini is a metaphor for me: it's not just about the summer, it's not just about getting 'the body' – it's a programme and a lifestyle that works throughout the year – for a life beyond the bikini – and will make sure you enjoy the benefits now, and forever."

"I want people to stop wasting time and money on strategies that don't work and to start training 'smart'; to stop wearing 'disguise clothes' and start choosing the clothes they want to wear; and to finally look in the mirror and see a leaner, slimmer, stronger, more energetic and more confident person looking back."

Alex is a fully qualified personal trainer with a wealth of experience in the industry, creating all-round personalised fitness plans to help her clients to accomplish their health and fitness targets safely and effectively. The Elite Bikini Body Confidence Coaching Programme is adapted to each individual, and includes:

  • detailed analysis of current fitness and lifestyle
  • weekly telephone, Skype and online check-ins to support and motivate
  • a regularly updated tailored fitness programme
  • a personalised exercise library including links to videos
  • a tailored nutrition programme, recipe pack and shopping list
  • a package of tools and guidance – including video demonstrations and fact-sheets
  • free gifts and optional extras


The programme uses proven techniques used by athletes: Alex is one of only 20 'Physique Elite Master Trainers' in the UK qualified to use the Y3T and DTP training techniques. These are designed by internationally-renowned fitness experts Kris Gethin and Neil Hill, who have trained numerous athletes to reach their optimum levels of fitness and physique.

Neill Hill, IFBB Pro, professional athlete, trainer and nutritionist, said: "This programme employs powerful methods and approaches that will guarantee its effectiveness: the tailor-made approach makes it even more so. I'm very impressed. Alex is hard-working, intelligent, knowledgeable and she gets results. I have no time for fitness professionals who are all 'smoke and mirrors'. Alex isn't: she's the real deal, and this programme is a game-changer in the online fitness world."

Alex, originally from Northern Ireland, has rapidly attracted attention from the media, sports brands, and followers alike in the last few years. She has been featured in modelling shots in, and written articles for, a variety of magazines in the UK and abroad (Women's Fitness, Ultra Fit, Fit and Firm, ExtraFit, Society and Fitnorama). She is the face of Biondi Couture's fitness competition range and Mark Anthony's new 'Body Trainer' exercise device.

To find out more visit Applications close midnight Sunday 2 December.

For more information about Alex, including free e-books and newsletters, visit:

Alex's Facebook:
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Commercial Material Handling Carts

Material handling carts are designed with maximum durability and ergonomics foremost in mind, and many models exist that speak to the specialized needs of grocery stores, government offices, corporations, hotels, inventory and maintenance departments and general warehouse use in an increasingly ergonomics-conscious marketplace. Browse through our online inventory below to find exactly what you need for your facility today.

Ergo-Handle Carts
The patented, ergonomic steel handle of this heavy-duty material handling cart enables it to carry loads as heavy as 4,000 lbs and allows for individual height comfort and handling of long loads.

Stockpicke fashion jackets r Trucks
Stockpicker trucks unite the versatility of a step ladder with the mobility of a material handling cart. Featuring a convenient, spring-loaded crutch tip ladder that locks the cart firmly in place during loading, the Stockpicker works to minimize injuries while employees are stocking or un-stocking shelves.

Steel Cantilever Stockpicker Truck
This material handling cart features a unique cantilever design that eliminates the need to move around a clumsy ladder and push a cart at the same time. It is deal for stocking oversized packages, and also locks securely in place anytime a person stands on the ladder.

Hi-Duty & Hi-Frame Stockpicker Trucks
These oversized material handling carts are engineered for stocking and un-stocking of boxes, parts, and supplies. The steps on the spring-loaded ladder have non-skid footing with self-cleaning surfaces.

Service Carts
Material service carts are constructed from welded steel or aluminum. They are ideal for transporting parts and boxes. Each shelf features a 2" upturned lip to prevent items from sliding off.

Easy-Access Steel Stock Trucks
This material handling cart features a unique two-shelf design and three support legs that allow you to more easily access items on the bottom shelf. Chrome-plated, ergonomic push handles enable users of different heights to work comfortably and safely. An optional, lock-top basket can be attached for extra carrying capacity.

Double & Triple Decker Hardwood Platform Carts
It is necessary to minimize lifting and bending for workers who are stocking materials in shipping areas, offices, and plants. Double and triple decker material handling carts provide an ergonomic alternative to strenuous movements and maximize worker safety, speed, and efficiency.

Plastic Utility Service Carts
Durable, lightweight structural foam plastic makes this material handling cart exceptionally well-suited for mail rooms, shipping docks, warehouses, inventory rooms, and grocery stores. Unit features either a 2 or 3 shelf design to accommodate your application. Shelf lips measure 4" high and prevent parts from rolling off.

Two & Three Shelf Plastic Platform Carts
These material handling carts contain adjustable shelves that can be set at 1 ?" increments. They are ideal for moving loads from workstation to workstation, general warehouse use, maintenance departments, and shipping and receiving areas.

Portable Carton Cart
The portable steel material handling cart has been engineered to store, organize, and transport cardboard boxes. Unit features chrome plated uprights and frame dividers with powder coated black shelves. The portable carton cart is easily maneuverable on swivel casters and ideal comes in two model designs.

High End Platform Truck
This material handling cart is engineered for the transporting of small packages in warehouses, shopping malls, grocery stores, post offices, and schools. Its combination of narrow platform design and six swivel casters allow for advantageous ease of maneuvering through doorways, aisles, and over rough surfaces inside facilities.

Aluminum Treadplate Platform Trucks
The lightweight treadplate deck on this material handling cart features all welded aluminum and rounded-edge platform walls that protect materials from being damaged during transport. The removable high-polished steel handle makes it an ideal ergonomic tool for factories and warehouses.

Steel Platform Trucks
A structurally reinforced, solid steel deck allows this material handling cart capable to roll over rough surfaces and carrying loads of up to 250 lbs. Floor locks are standard on a number of series and all models are protected with a powder coat finish.

Nesting Platform Cart
This nestable material handling cart can be used to conserve storage space as well as move materials around. Additional trucks add only 12" to the length of the original unit while in storage.

Landscape Carts
Landscape carts are designed with large pneumatic tires to aid in maneuverability, and all carts have mesh sides to allow dirt, rocks, and water to drain onto the ground.

Hardwood Platform Trucks
Enjoy and ergonomic and economically viable answer to your material handling needs with this cart that features 1" thick hardwood construction. These platform trucks can carry as much as 1,600 lbs. safely. Units roll smoothly on 6" X 2" mold on rubber casters that are bolted to the unit. Countersunk holes create a smooth deck surface that avoids tearing materials or snagging the edges of boxes.

Plastic Platform Trucks with Fold Down Handle
The high impact-resistance offered by this material handling cart's plastic construction makes it super strong and virtually maintenance free. Swivel poly-on-poly casters make it easy to maneuver, and a ?" lip helps retain cargo.

Heavy duty plastic cart
This heavy duty plastic cart will not rust, discolor, or warp and is easy to clean, adding the benefit of a maintenance free unit engineered with honeycomb construction for long life.

Versatile Platform Truck with Fold Down Handle
This material handling cart features an adjustable handle that transports products quickly and easily in commercial or industrial applications and can be folded down for storage. It will not rust, chip, or dent.

Gooseneck Cart
Here is an all-purpose cart that's great for handling light loads throughout the warehouse or office. Its single handle design allows easy one hand control, and sturdy steel construction allows it to handle loads up to 300 lbs.

A-Frame Carts
If you are handling bulky sheets of material such as drywall, plywood, paneling or sheets of metal, you need this cart. A convenient parts tray is included between the A-frame uprights and the unit is easily secured for loading and unloading by using the foot operated caster lock.

Panel Cart
The Panel Material Handling Cart is perfect for handling items such as sheets of paneling, plywood, doors and lumber. A convenient, removable plastic basket is included for carrying smaller items and tools. Rollers are provided on one end for easy loading and unloading.

Multi-Tier Stock Carts
This unique cart makes it easy to hand materials and to organize and reach parts and is ideal for stocking parts in work stations. Tilting shelves provide easy access to baskets. Casters allow the parts to be moved to wherever they are needed. Shelves will tilt between 0° and 45° and lock with a hand-operated friction lock screw. Shelves curve upward to prevent cargo from falling to the ground or on people's feet.

"E-CART" Traction Drive Cart
This unique material handling cart features a built-in traction-drive system for easy transportability. It is ideal for applications including mail rooms, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels and warehouses. It also features a 450W electric drive motor with two 40Ah batteries for power and a110V AC internal battery charger that is included when you buy it from Easy Rack. Variable throttle speed gives the operator precise maneuvering and positioning control from an ergonomic center in the handle.

Platform Cart with Versatile Dividers
These innovative units are perfect for transporting a large array of products throughout your warehouse. The removable handles can be configured in a way to optimize space and convenience. Each unit includes five sets of removable handles.

Aluminum Folding Handle Platform Truck
This material handling cart was designed for safe transportation of stacks of paper, small parts and other lightweight equipment. It is also ideal for maintenance rooms, offices, schools, hospitals, etc. Plastic corner protectors enhance the durability and protect surroundings and personnel from accidental impact.

Deluxe Platform Truck
This is a durable and attractive truck built for function and style. It is great for offices, hotels, stores and other commercial applications.

Luggage Cart
The luggage cart is a great way great way to make a great first impression on customers and visitors. It is ideal for material handling of delicate items, personal items because its carpeted platform provides a cushioned surface that prevents scratching.

Heavy-Duty Cradle Carts
Move pipe, channel, bar stock, barrels, or drums with a Heavy-Duty Cradle Cart that can dual function as temporary storage as well. Its large open design allows for safe and simple loading and unloading by fork trucks and slings. The wheels are mounted in a diamond pattern to allow the truck to tilt when going over thresholds and turn about on its own center. Weight capacities range from 4,000-10,000 pounds.

V-Groove Pipe Mover
This material handling cart allows pipe and tubing measuring up to 20 feet long to be easily moved by one person. The V-Groove design keeps loads at the horizontal center of gravity for maximum stability and safety. Large 16" diameter pneumatic tires will support loads that weigh up to 1,000 pounds. The unit comes with a 37" long handle for added maneuverability.

A-Frame Rack Cart
The Portable A-frame cart with storage rack is designed for storing and transporting pipe, conduit and other types of bar rack.

Electric Material Handling Cart
This unit comes with two 50 amp batteries and rides on a mid axle drive that allows for pinpoint turning. Intelligent electronic braking, fingertip forward and reverse lever, and variable speed dial make it easy and safe to maneuver.

Foldable/Nestable Roller Containers
These carts provide convenient portability between work cells or for delivery or distribution of goods. Units roll smoothly on 5" casters and can hold up to 1,800 lbs.

Always talk to a material handling specialist before ordering material handling carts online. Many models are available in good, used condition and can save you up to 40% on your purchase--an excellent way to recession proof your business!

Top 10 Haunted Hotels pt 3

This is the final chapter in my little series on the most haunted hotels in the world. This last post includes a hotel in the home of one of the most famous murders in history, a newspaper-reading and coffee-thieving railroad tycoon, a mischievous doctor who likes to play pranks from beyond the grave, and the former home of a fake doctor who autopsied the bodies of the patients he killed.

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Massachusetts: In 1892 Andrew and Abby Borden were found brutally murdered in their home. They were both killed with a hatchet, Abby while she was kneeling down making a bed, and Andrew while he was asleep on the sofa in the living room. Their eldest daughter Lizzie was accused of killing them, but was never found guilty and the case has remained unresolved. Guests staying at this macabre B & B have reported hearing a child's laughter and seeing faint outlines of what appear to be faces in th women's jackets eir photos.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Georgia: I find this story particularly frightening. Samuel Spencer was what you would call a railroad tycoon, or perhaps a railroad magnate. Every morning he would read the newspaper over coffee at the exclusive hunt club. In a fit of supreme irony he was killed in a train accident in 1906. To this day guests and club members continue to find their newspapers shuffled or disturbed and, most horrifying of all, their coffee cups sipped on ever since. What? I think it's scary. But then, we all know how I feel about coffee...

Carolina Inn: This hotel seems to be haunted by the spectre of one of their long-time residents, one Dr. William Jacocks, who made the Inn his home for nearly 20 years. Guests frequent tell stories of being followed by a man who disappears as they turn to face him. Staff and guests also tell of a large heavy set man, dressed in a black suit wearing a knit hat and a long blue parker-style coat, who wanders the halls checking to find any open doors.

This ghost moves methodically down the hall. From room to room. Jiggling the door knobs trying to get in. He has been reported many times to the staff, sometimes from guests in the rooms saying their doors are opening on their own, other times from guests witnessing him move throughout the halls. However, no one matching the description has ever been found.

Guests who stay in the second-floor room that was once the home of Dr. Jacocks often find themselves locked out. At one time, the room's door had to be completely removed from its hinges because it wouldn't budge. Paranormal researchers have collected an abundance of video and audio proof of ghostly happenings in this hotel, including piano notes, softly spoken words, and an orb-like object floating in the air.

Crescent Hotel, Arkansas: The Crescent Hotel is quite proud of their ghosts stories, so much so that they run a ghost tour year round. One story involves a mason worker who plunged to his death in Room 218 during the initial construction of the hotel. Other ghost stories from the hotel include a false doctor's hospital/morgue he ran in the basement of the bulding. I put a couple of the spookier stories here, but there is about sixteen different videos on YouTube. Just run a search for Crescent Hotel, and you find some.

Shibley, 42, says that while sleeping in a double bed with her mother there in April of 2009, something held down her legs and arms and began suffocating her.

"It was like a great force of intense pressure pressing down over my whole body, and I couldn't breathe," Shibley, who works as a graphic artist, says of the 2 a.m. experience. Shibley says her heart was pounding and, in desperation, she tapped her mother. The suffocating feeling stopped, she says, and she could move again. But there was a bad smell in the air, like a mixture of sulfur and the smell of earth and sweat after working in a garden. About 30 minutes later, something grabbed her ankles and pulled her halfway down the bed under the blankets, she says. Bill Ott, the hotel's director of marketing and communications since 1997, has never seen a ghost but says he doesn't understand what happened there one night several years ago. He and two staff members of the Deal Or No Deal TV show were alone in the hotel's dining room. They heard three or four people laughing in the room for 25 to 30 seconds, though no one else was in the room or in an adjacent lobby and kitchen, Ott says. Josh Silberman, a former producer for the TV show, was there and confirms the incident.

"It freaks me out to think about it," Silberman says. "The place was creepy. When you walk up stairs, it feels like you're being chased."

At the Crescent, paranormal researchers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, stars of the Ghost Hunters show, say they caught on a thermal-imaging camera "the Holy Grail" of paranormal investigation: "a full-body apparition" wearing a hat and nodding.