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Like the First Time: A Moving Story about a Good Sister, a Good Lover and a Good Wife!

"Ms. Ray?抯 talent is such that she, like Alice Walker and Toni Morrison, should see her works reach far beyond her loyal black audience. Her stories transcend race in their flawless grasp of the havoc wrought by the peculiarities of human nature...[She] excels at weaving several threads of narrative into a cohesive whole, making her subsidiary characters as compelling as the major players.??--The Dallas Morning News

National best-selling author and book club favorite Francis Ray delivers another captivating, passionate, and heart-warming novel. Like the First Time (St. Martin?抯 Press/Griffin Trade Original; ISBN 0-312-32429-4; $13.95 paperback) tells the inspiring story of a good sister, a good lover and a good wife whose strong friendship helps them overcome life?抯 difficult obstacles and find their dreams.

When shy, sensitive Claire Bennett looses her job for the second time in as many years due to downsizing, she doesn?抰 know how she?抣l survive. Brooke Dunlap, Claire?抯 beautiful and fashionable co-worker, is also laid off, but isn?抰 quite as worried?梥he expects her glamorous, extravagant boyfriend to propose any day. That is, until he dumps her and leaves her with as many credit card bills to pay as designer clothes in her wardrobe. Claire?抯 friend Lorraine Averhart, though happily married and very wealthy, lately feels lonely and restless, with her children grown and her husband often away on business.

The lives of these three women take a surprising turn when Lorraine tries Claire?抯 homemade body lotion and distributes samples to her book club. The resounding reviews they give confirm Lorraine?抯 idea that this product is something special?梐nd marketable. After a little persuasion, she convinces Claire and Brooke to go into business together selling their remarkable beauty products. They?抳e got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

But Lorraine?抯 marriage comes under terrible strain as the business akes off and a new temptation appears on the horizon; Claire becomes involved with one of the most powerful men in town; and Brooke is forced to reevaluate what matters most: a fat bank account, or love and belonging somewhere she can call home?

A story filled with love, forgiveness, healing and triumph, Like the First Time undoubtedly demonstrates why Francis Ray?抯 books are read, loved and read again by so many fans across the country.

About the author:

Francis Ray is a native Texan who lives in Dallas with her husband and daughter. She is the Essence, Blackboard, and Dallas Morning News

bestselling author of sixteen novels and five novellas. Her website is

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Publication Date: April 26, 2004

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