Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shopping, dinner, and my yellow dress

My dear friend Kandice is getting married in less than a week! I didn't want to buy her a little goodie for the wedding night without knowing what she likes so we went shopping today. We found the cutest little lingerie set. We then met up with Danielle and went out to Red Ginger Bistro. The food was absolutely delicious but the service. . how do I put this nicely. . sucked! However, we made the best of it and talked about some pretty awesome stuff. ;P

After dinner we decided to head up to City Creek and do some shopping. We did more window shopping than actual shopping since most of the stores are ridiculously over-priced. I had a great time with these three girlies. We will need to get together more frequently in the future.

In between shopping, I had Dani take some outfit pictures. I thrifted this yellow dress on Monday for $4 what a steal right? I'm absolutely loving polka dots and bright colors right now! It's a little big around the waist so I decided to belt it and wear my favorite shoes with it. I'm so glad I decided to wear these shoes today because my feet would have been killing by the end of the night if I wore wedges or un-supportive flats.

Dress&Shoes: Thrifted || Belt: Borrowed from Ti || Lipstick: Fire & Ice

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